Sunday, August 29, 2010

To Do List... (movies)

I can't believe I never saw this/saw a preview!

... or this...

... must acquire entire day of free time and watch movies.

YSST: Various and Random

1.) I'm really attracted to good calves.
2.) When I look at many of my friends, I have bum envy.
3.) There's a certain plastic surgery I lust after, but will probably never get. (It has nothing to do with my bum or calves though.)
4.) I think I'm over my ex!I (I can't tell my real-world people though, because if I'm not quite yet I don't want to sound the trumpet too soon.)
5.) I think all I really want is the simple life. With occasional international adventures, a miniature donkey and maybe a good vietnamese/japanese/ethiopian restaurant nearby.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Couch to 5K?

I didn't run, which is a bad sign.

I DID have coffee with a friend and eat a vegetarian sandwich... do I get a point for the sandwich?

:) Paisley

Sunday, August 15, 2010


I love blogs. (Okay, we've covered that.)

I love fashion blogs. (We covered that too.) I also love design blogs.

Normally, I recoil at the idea of nesting in my domestic space.

Nesting means I'm staying. Nesting means that the future is beginning to take shape and my dreaming in constricted. Nesting means that it's even less likely that this time next year I'll be living and working and thriving in a place I'd never pictured myself being before... like Istanbul, or Boise, or Lima.

My deep need to remain relatively unattached and nomadic keeps me from doing practical things, like buying that low-priced industrial sized box of toothpaste at Costco that will save me so much in the long run or purchasing basic cooking supplies like olive oil. Because, you know, if I buy that massive box of toothpaste tubes and that bottle of olive oil, well then just you watch I'll end up moving and have to pack all of that damn toothpaste and cooking oil down twelve flights of stairs and find a place for it in my UHaul.
And that would be really annoying for me.
So I can't possibly engage in such obvious nesting activities like purchasing extra toothpaste, let alone expend energy painting walls or decorating.

But today, I kind of feel like nesting. I'd like to buy pretty things for my walls and have one of those dwellings that make people ooh and ahh when they walk in. I will be the dinner party queen! Everyone will want to have supper at my place because it's just so damn cute. I'll even have extra toothpaste for guests after they finish their meal. Man I'm awesome. In my head.

Since the gypsy impulse is still the dominant one, I thought I'd day dream on the blog and pretend my apartment is just this cute.

(Source: Pal & Smith)

(Source: Pal & Smith)

(Source: Anita Kaushal)

(Source: Sweet Space)

(Source: Sweet Space)

Appropriating The Goals Of Others...

So the last hour or so of my life went something like this...

6:43 pm - Return home from amazing party (wedding) in beautiful mountainous area. Am delighted with life, and a little bit sunburnt.
6:46 pm - Finish unloading luggage into bedroom. Set noble goal to unpack everything tonight.
6:57 pm - Find that I have unpacked nothing, but have managed to check my email. Luggage remains untouched.
7:05 pm - Publish blog post about the virtues of wedding celebrations
7:06 pm - Crave soda pop
7:07 pm - Acquire soda pop; snuggle into bed and open blog reader
7:28 pm - Update myself on favourite blogs! Am a blog-glutton and happy.
7:29 pm - Notice that a sizable number of the blogs I follow all revolve around peoples outfits. Yes, that's right, most of the blogs I feel the need to obsess over are about what people wear.
7:30 pm - Feel hideously shallow, yet crave thinner hips so as to look like very fashionable blogging heros.
7:32 pm - Eat pasta. Counter-productive to fashionably thinner hips goal.
7:33 pm - Conclude that I don't care. Pasta is delicious.
7:35 pm - Resolve to begin following more blogs that have less to do with aesthetics and more to do with healthy betterment of self!
7:36 pm - Am smugly impressed with awesomeness of new blog-reading goal. I am so great.
7:37 pm - Begin internet search for a personalized fitness blog. Desire to read about a real human, preferably an un-athletic one like myself, exploring fitness and fitness communities.
7:40 pm - Have found only hyper-commercial fitness "blogs" from companies peddling perverse looking at-home exercise equipment and diet supplements. Am not impressed.
7:42 pm - Continue to find only mass-marketing schemes masquerading as human bloggers. Am despondent.
7:44 pm - Find "Working On My Fitness" by a nice gal named Susan! Seems quite human and does not appear to be an extension of an evil multinational corporation hell-bent on selling me protein powder. References Fergie and BEP in blog title. Amused and impressed.
7:45 pm - Susan is very cool, but I cannot find a post on physical health yet. Susan is too well rounded.
7:46 pm - I have found it! Susan's post "A Love/Hate Relationship With Running" is exactly what I'm looking for. She has tips! She experienced success! Best of all, she's a normal human being like me and if Susan can learn to run... maybe ~I~ can learn to run. And get a sexy bum.
8:17 pm - Have completed blog post about desire to learn to run. Must take the "Couch to 5K" challenge as described by blogger Susan.
8:18 pm - Leave to make more pasta. Do not run.... yet. Have charged ipod and found my ankle socks; things are looking good for tomorrow.

So I may or may not take the "Couch to 5K" challenge. I'll sleep on it and get back to you... although it seems like that would be a much nobler thing to do with a blog than essentially saying all the dirty words I don't feel like I can say in real life. (Such as "I like attending weddings," or "I'm attracted to stereotypically hot men.")

I'll probably do both. :)

Paisley out!

YSST: I love weddings

Not exactly rife with controversy, but in my circles it seems to be a daring thing to say.

We, the-hip-and-educated, don't love weddings.

Weddings have an ugly history of oppressing and objectifying women.
Weddings are narcissistic, naval-gazing rituals of opulence.
Weddings are expensive.
Weddings creative monstrous perfectionists out of normally laid-back women (and men.)

There's a grain of truth in everything I've just said, and I've probably argued all of the above to others at one point or another. (Most likely during my first undergraduate experience, when I first truly got to know my good friend Feminism. More on that later.)

However, I can honestly say that I have thoroughly enjoyed and loved 93.482% of the weddings I've attended in my day. (And I've been attending them frequently since birth, so that's a very impressive and completely legitimate statistic.)

Reasons I love weddings:

1.) Weddings bring people together.
2.) More specifically, weddings give people who love each other a reason to travel obscene distances just to remind themselves that they love each other.
3.) Weddings are communal. (Weddings help to build and sustain community! I sound like a pamphlet, but I really feel this way.)
4.) At weddings, I DANCE!
5.) Weddings are true inter-generational parties. (I dance with grandma's and babies all at once!)
6.) Weddings are a beautiful practice in optimism and positive thinking. (Why look at the black clouds of life when the silver linings ARE RIGHT IN YOUR FACE?!?!)
7.) I always make new friends at weddings. (This is my favorite hobby by far.)

Even at the most awkward weddings, people stand up for the requisite speeches and appreciate each other. For some people, this is trite and annoying... and to them I say, suck it up, I'm having a good time.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Paisley the Road-Cranky Highway Gypsy

I have been on the road for 6+ hours, and am looking forward to spending the first 2.5 hours of my work day also on the road. Then at the end of the day I will spend another 2.5 hours on the road. SUPERFANTASTICAWESOME, right?

If in my last post, about how de-freakin-lightful life is, I waxed poetic about the glories of highway driving in the summer sunshine with some good music... rest assured that the novelty has finally (after 1000s of kilometers) worn off. I want nothing more than to stay in the same place for an entire week.

Lies... I want a tighter bum, a fat bank account and maybe a pony much more than that.

But it would be nice.

(Imagine... eating dinner on a plate! Taking naps! Reading books! Walking places- you know, with my legs! Apparently they were engineered to do more than operate the gas and break pedals... so I'm told.)

Paisley out.

Monday, August 2, 2010

YSST: I think Julia Roberts is sort of annoying

I know, I know, it's not exactly a deep personal confession from the deepest recesses of my heart...

.... but seriously, has she ever played a new character? As in distinguishable from the last?

(no. she has not.)

Even when she played Erin Brokovich, it was pretty much Julia Roberts with a questionable wardrobe throwing Roberts-esque temper tantrums.

Which leads me to feel that she's just a collection of facial expressions and some nice teeth. (Really, really nice teeth. Kudos on the teeth.)

That being said, I can't act my way out of .....

I'm not sure how to finish that expression.